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How to make it work for YOUR child.
It is a widely known fact that Florida does a poor job of providing a public education to children with special needs.

The purpose of this web site is to provide parents, who are unhappy with the progress that their disabled children have made in the Florida public school system, information about the FUNDING of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). This information will provide insight into Matrix of Service funding which will enable parents and advocates to optimize the IEP (increase the funding) to obtain more McKay dollars for a private school scholarship. This same information can also be useful in helping you maximize your child’s IEP to reflect your child’s actual needs, increase or obtain services you believe are necessary to help your child become successful, if you choose to have your child remain in the public school system.

Our mission is to help parents understand that they are indeed equal partners in the process of educating their special needs child. We want to encourage you to be fully involved in the educational process and keep up the good fight. You, as the parent, after all, have the most
investment in your child’s education and are THE best advocate for your child. To accomplish this mission, our goal is to provide you with very important and yet little known information. We also will provide resources to help you accomplish the goal of helping you obtain an appropriate education and become an effective advocate for your special needs child.
The information on this site is an accumulation of facts based on experiences.

Getting a Free Appropriate Public Education for your special needs child is a complex subject and takes alot of time and effort. There are no quick and easy answers or an easy way to get all that your child needs. Committment, perserverance and getting yourself educated is a must. It can be confusing, overwhelming, frustrating, etc. We will begin here to get you started and pointed in the right direction. ESE Misconceptions